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FilmMob is a Los Angeles Social Media production company. We create trending content with extreme viral potential.

As one of the best Los Angeles Social Media content producers, we will help you achieve your social media marketing goals. 

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For Starters, we recognize that companies struggle to reach customers because quality content is difficult and expensive to produce. For this reason, FilmMob was created to deliver low-cost quality content to companies who want to be successful on social media.

Furthermore, Our Los Angeles Social Media Production team excels at creating quality content that is optimized for both commercial and social media use. As a result, our product videos have received over 250 Million views on social media, and our social media influencer videos have exceeded 1 Billion Views.

We want to work with you so bad that we will do it for Free!

Every month we create a free product video for a different company!

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All of your Social Media Content needs in one location

Los Angeles Social Media Content Production

Without delay, we can begin with the strategic planning for your project. In other words, together we will decide what content will perform the best for you. Next, we lock in the fine details needed to development your concept and then generate a digital storyboard.

What if you don’t have the details figured out yet?

No problem, we are here to help! We can discuss your Script, Talent choices, location options, Animation/VFX assets, anything needed to give you the best product possible.

Following the production, we can help you decide how to use the content in the most effective way on social media. This includes, creating mood boards and pairing the content with other picture and video assets. As well as, establishing your caption design, hashtag usage, and best posting times.

Over anything else, we strive for quality! This being said, our Los Angeles based team will always provide the best product possible for your budget.

Media Agency | Influencer Marketing

We have established working relationships with some of the top Los Angeles social media influencers and models. In turn, these relationships have fueled incredibly successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Our team has provided video content and influencers to some of the most successful brands on social media including Fashion Nova, Bang Energy, Manscaped, Rockstar Energy, and many more.

Ultimately, we strive to deliver trending content with extreme viral potential. We have the knowledge and experience required to help you achieve incredible results.

How to get started

As well, every month we create a free product video for a different brand. Enter be next month’s winner.

Our Story

Over the past few years we have seen the consumption of media content increase greatly.

As a result, if a company wants to grow their social platform, they have to regularly provide new quality content to their viewers. However, the cost for quality video production is usually too high for small businesses. Furthermore, turnover times with most production companies are far too slow.

For these reasons, FilmMob was created. We assist companies with their larger commercial productions as well as their lower cost social media projects. We understand that every company is unique and travels a different path to success. Therefore, in each project we look for what will specifically work best for you and your brand. 

Our Los Angeles Social Media Productions

What you need to know

We need to face the facts, if you are paying for a 60 second video that will be used for one post, you are wasting your money!

The average video view time on Instagram is only 6 seconds. 

The majority of your viewers will only see 10% of the video you purchased. As well, in the time required to slide their finger up the screen, they have already moved on to the next post.

A consumer needs to see an advertisement 3-7 times prior to taking any action. The single video post simply will not be enough to get your viewers to act.

Full Social Media Video Production

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The Solution

With this in mind, in addition to the full video, we send optimized individual short clips.

We pair these clips with other media assets and stock footage to develop an ascetically pleasing look for your social media page.

As a result, you have a constant flow of quality content for the same cost of one video!

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FilmMob is the Owner and Creator of the Video content above. However, we are not the owner of the photos. 

Social media Video production for social media star
Follow this link to the Instagram page of @coreybrooks the model for this shoot! In addition, make sure to check out @rawsugarliving the product showcased.
Product Video production for Manscaped
First things First, it was an absolute pleasure working with @Hannah_cpalmer on this video for @Manscaped, follow this link to Hannah’s Instagram to see more.
Fos Video production in Los Angeles
Check out this Los Angeles Social Media Video content created for @fosspirits. As well, give us a call at (760)586-0850 to plan your next production.
quality Product video production in Los Angeles
To be clear, water just got better! If you think water is not addictive, you have never had @TopoChico check out this Los Angeles Social Media production we made for @TopoChicotx